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आम सुचना : आपको यह सूचित किया जाता है की ट्रस्ट के नाम पर किसी भी एजेंट/कर्मचारी/एसोसिएट को किसी भी प्रकार की कोई राशि प्रदान नहीं करे अगर ऐसा किया जाता है तो ट्रस्ट किसी भी प्रकार से जिम्मेदार नहीं रहेगी
आम सुचना : आपको यह सूचित किया जाता है कि कंपनी के नए नियमों के अनुसार, ट्रस्ट का दुसरे और चोथे शनिवार को अवकाश रहेगा .

Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust एक कदम सेवा की ओर

Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust is a non-governmental organization in India that has come up with an innovative idea to bring a positive change in our society where we see so many unsatisfied things in front of our eyes. One of the main aims of our NGO is to fight against ills in our society that are approaching at a greater speed and are responsible for the degradation of our country’s development.
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Our Reach

Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust an NGO to support the underserved has taken its intervention into the interiors of India.
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Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust - Best NGO In India

Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust is an NGO in India that is working in different sections to improve the welfare of our country. We encourage people and motivate them to be a part of our mission. Our main aim is to provide best possible help in various sectors with the help of this platform. You can also donate to our organization to become a part of our campaign. This is truly a noble work to deal with. Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust is performing a tremendous hard work and we hope that all our efforts will somehow take us to the way of becoming one of the best NGO in India. Donating to such NGO’s leads to further growth for the evolution of our nation because they play a handy role to support those people who are in a great need and desperately require a hand that can remove out sorrows and grief from their life. It is a step towards making our nation more beautiful. It is not about the responsibility of an individual, we all should work in a unity to remove all such peculiarities from the society.

NGO’s in India are providing a base for so many needy persons. It is a matter of good worth because this social work is changing the lives of so many lives who were facing different problems in the earlier part of their life. Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust works with a belief that these types of small efforts will surely provide a successful and positive return one day. This platform of NGO in India will try to deliver one of the best help. You can donate any amount to support us in this social work.

Education To Poor Children
Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust wants to help underprivileged children to realize their potential. We are creating different programs to bring some positive changes by the help of education and technology. One of our major goals is to improve the quality and accessibility of education especially in rural side of our country. We want to provide opportunities to such children so that they get a healthier chance for a bright future. Our foundation will soon begin a program which will be based upon providing free quality education to poor children, especially of the rural class. Our program will be helpful for them in bringing right values, confidence, life-skills, and attitude apart from education. We know all such things are equally important for a candidate in its life. Even we are thinking about inventing some school-based programs to enhance the taste of their schooling education like different types of activities by which a child can bring out its hidden potential in front of others. We want to serve them with the help of our NGO.

Help For Older Persons
Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust advocates for the needs of elder peoples like quality health care and action against elder abuse along with many more. We want to serve them with our efforts that will particularly enable them to live dignified, active and healthier. Our charity-based program wants to help them in earning their livelihood. Let's talk about a major disease that has taken the lives of so many peoples. We are trying to become one of the top NGO’s in India so that more and more people will connect with us to support those elders who don’t have access to have a two-time meal and are finding difficulties to meet their basic needs. You can sponsor them by providing monthly rations like rice, wheat, pulses, cooking oil or other essential daily use items like soap, detergent, clothing along with pocket money that will be helpful to fulfill their needs. This help will provide them a much-needed sustenance and will make them self-reliant just because after this help they will not have to depend upon anyone anymore. We know all such good works will lead us in becoming one of the famous NGO in India and we will try to work more and more to improve their condition. One more thing that is equally necessary is a shelter. A roof over their heads is generally required especially when they are sick, destitute and abandoned by their family members or would have been unfortunately uprooted by disasters. Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust promotes old age homes so that it will lessen down their sorrows which have been done in the past. Try to donate for them so that we will convey best possible facilities.

Focus On Poor Sections
Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust has a vision that each and every human should have the same opportunity in order to succeed in their life irrespective of how and where they have been born. People often term rich and poor peoples in different ways. This is the reason why poor peoples in India don’t get a chance to do something in their life to succeed due to lack of decent education, livelihood opportunities, and healthcare. Before this situation takes a horrible face, we want to change the thinking of such peoples who compare rich and poor in a different perspective. We all are the citizens of a country like India where we have lived together with peace and equality for so many years. It becomes the right of each and every person that we should try to help poor peoples and support them financially to uplift their position in the society. Those who can afford to donate in charities like Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust can clear out their suffering of poverty. We all need to tackle such types of situations because it will lead to further growth of our nation.

Near about 17.7 million children are out of school in our country. They are working in hazardous conditions, engaged in child labour, living in slums, braving hunger and violence, facing poverty, childhood has become a struggle for them. Living with all such problems, they have not stopped dreaming. It becomes a great responsibility of each and every individual to focus on them as they are equally valuable like any other child. They are only lacking behind by a chance- a chance of going to school, to emerge out their talent, and have a carefree childhood that they deserve. Do you know that about 25 million children are facing a risk of acute hunger! We are working absolutely hard to provide them such facilities because we know that these children will pray for us in return and this organization will become one of the best NGO in India. Their education is our mission. Try to support us with a donation and take them to a step closer in achieving their dreams.

Supporting Girl’s Education And Women Empowerment
As we know that in many areas, people do not consider girls to get education because of their orthodox thinking or maybe they would not have enough money to do so, that is why we have a special focus on girl child that aims to provide transformative education by which they will become responsible, educated and self-reliant citizens with a positive sense of commitment to their sector or society. A stat has shown the condition of girl’s education in our country. The stat was revealed by the government of India that only 5 out of 10 girls who promotes to class 1 gets able to complete class 10th. Education for girls has become a major issue in our nation and Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust worries about their future, that is why we have promoted girl’s education in our campaign to support them. Research has shown a bitter truth that near about 50% of girls drop their studies at secondary schooling. This might be due to they do not have sufficient things that are generally needed to go school.

However, the government of India supports different things in the government schools. Still, the reason of dropouts can be understood as some complex factors like taking on the responsibility of their family and household chores at a very young age. We have approached this step to support their finances regarding education like taking care of their educational requirements and providing a support which will be helpful in making a successful schooling experience for them. By the help of your donation, we will be able to sponsor them different types of study materials and other necessary items like school bags, socks, shoes, uniforms, etc. All such things will somehow motivate them to study hard and will encourage them not to drop out their schooling. With all such efforts, our NGO will definitely get able to become one of the top NGO’s In India. Try to participate in our mission to promote girl’s education to put a smile on their faces.

Women are considered as the pride of a family. Without her presence, you can’t proceed the generation of your family unit. God has made her with utter importance, still, we are watching so many ills in our society in which women class are facing some serious problems in their life. In a male-dominated country, there are so many societies that encourage the practice of dowry system, female infanticide, sati pratha, polygamy, etc. Many leaders have worked hard to raise the status of women in our society. However, we have seen so many transformations in the last years where the government has promoted their place and implemented various laws to ban the bad practices related to them. Even today we are watching that they are equally handling all the responsibilities and are working equally with the men in different sectors with complete freedom. They are enjoying complete equality like the others and are raising their voice to demand for their right.

So many examples are there to see in which women category can be found in one of the top respective places. They are leading as political leaders, administrators, entrepreneurs, and business persons. All such things are responsible to enhance their status in developing countries like India. Even they have marked their identity in various parts of the world as well. In today’s time, women are well aware about their privileges and rights. With all such positive qualities seen in this category, many peoples are still there who does not promote them completely due to lack of understanding and orthodox thinking. Such people always try to lead by their own and want to restrict women under the four corners of their house. There are so many women in our country that are talented and contains a potential to emerge out in front of others, but they lack behind due to their familiar circumstances. Many famous NGO’s in India are attempting serious efforts and Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust is one of them to promote women empowerment. Our main aim is to become one of the best NGO in India not only by publicity, we want to serve a serious help to the needy persons who are looking for someone that can provide a push to take them out from darkening side into a bright life.

We hope you would have liked the thinking of our campaign. You can sponsor in our NGO to support all such mentioned points and can become a helping hand to support someone’s future. Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust can become one of the best NGO in India with your help and support. We alone cannot perform each and everything, instead, we all should have to hold our hands in order to make our country free from such problems. Our efforts will somehow make a contribution to make our nation more pleasant and beautiful and soon we will see a great chance in our society.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.” – Margaret Mead

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