Mobile Clinic Programs - Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust

Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust has oriented mobile health clinic programs in India with a desire to make India healthy. Our mobile health clinic programs in India brings free and quality healthcare to such communities who lack access to health services. We are here to provide them proper medical treatment and this is the main reason behind implementing this mobile clinic program. This type of facility will travel to poor communities for providing care. We are here to facilitate them with medicines and other healthcare offerings.

One of our vision is to promote, build, develop and manage health care resources and facilities to achieve holistic and equitable healthcare across the nation. We are trying to establish our network with the help of mobile clinic programs to deliver improved and effective health services for the needy persons. Our NGO is also keen to develop healthcare services across rural India in order to promote better health outcomes in those sections who are lacking behind with such facilities.


Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust wants to strengthen the health system in our country by leveraging and establishing a genuine network of healthcare professionals and also making a contribution in achieving health-related goals. In rural areas, healthcare providers inclines to have inadequate means to manage information on staff and patients, and report to government health agencies that weakens the structure of health system. Our campaign wants to serve in different sections regarding healthcare facilities in our mobile clinic programs.

Mother and Child Health Care
Our association will try to put their best in saving the health of both mother and child. There are so many families in the rural areas who do not get sufficient facilities especially at the time of delivery. In such cases, there might persist some problems that can affect their whole life. This is the reason why proper care at such times is beneficial. Keeping all such things in mind, our organization has decided that we will try to serve our facilities to them and will assist them financially by our mobile health clinic programs in India.

HIV/ AIDS is a very dangerous disease that has taken the lives of so many people. Very special and serious care is required for a person suffering from such disease. Only a person who is suffering from such stage knows how painful this feeling is just because it slowly kills the person mentally and physically. Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust is trying to create awareness about HIV/AIDS with the help of our mobile clinic programs so that more and more people will gain a valuable information and will convey to others. Even we are also managing to help those patients who are suffering from this particular disease.

For Tuberculosis
It is an infectious disease that needs a special attention if someone indulges in this. One of our main mottoes is to create awareness among people about these harmful diseases. Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust will try to deliver one of the best help for them so that this will provide a motivation inside them that they can fight with this type of disease and will soon get completely cured.

Cancer Awareness
In this polluted environment, cancer is a disease that has spread to many people and has taken the lives of so many peoples till date. It is a disease which, if known at an initial time, it is possible to treat otherwise it becomes very difficult afterward. That is why we are trying to aware people about all such things with the help of our mobile health clinic programs in India.

Effect Of Education Program

By the help of your donation, Riddhi Siddhi Child Education Program will serve more and more help in the education sector for poor children that are stricken by poverty but still wants to study in such conditions. Only they need someone to sponsor their education based finances so that they will get their studies without any sorts of trouble. Our efforts will provide them a right direction to lead their life and they will get a strong motivation to study hard and achieve something beneficial in the upcoming time.

To be very honest, if someone is addressing poverty, healthcare or something else, there is no better place to begin your steps than in the corridors of an education. Our help is mainly for unprivileged children who are facing some difficulties and are managing their lives in different circumstances like child labour, children with disabilities, slum children, and are poorest from their family side. Even you can also be a part of our mission because it is just a matter of some part of your savings. Your contribution can add a positive benefit to their life and even God will definitely reward with his greetings if you will do something good for them. So let us try to secure their future by our own hands and provide them an educated life. This NGO Program In India By Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust will surely take us to become one of the best education NGO in India.