NGO Handicapped Programs - Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust

Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust has initiated a handicap program in India by which we want to empower visually disabled, underprivileged and impaired people through developmental initiatives that will try to focus on educational, economic, social, technological and cultural aspects. This is an NGO in India that wants to make this society free from discrimination where peoples suffering from disabilities live with complete respect and dignity and will become contributing members.

One of our mission is to improve the living conditions of people living with disabilities by our handicap program in India. Developing skills especially for such peoples is helpful to emerge out their hidden potential in front of others. Along with that, these peoples can do wonders if someone provide them appropriate opportunities because this spirit will enable them to realize their value and also will also appreciate them to live life more beautiful. All it needs is a motivation, by the help of handicap programs in India, these people will be motivated with a positive feeling that they are not different from other peoples and they can also achieve something great in their life.

Why Are Such Programs Necessary?

We also have started disability programs for adults by which they will get able to learn something useful. The first initial years of a child are assumed as very important because the rate of development and learning remains fastest during this period. Even the World Health Organization has proclaimed that early childhood is the crucial phase for the overall development. If proper care does not exist in this particular age, then chances of malnutrition and disability may arise and can pose some difficult challenges to someone’s life. That is why Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust has decided that we will try to put our best in order to create awareness about all such things to more and more people so there will be lesser chances about disability and malnutrition among children.


This handicapped programs in India will help different types of physically and mentally handicapped peoples especially children. Our foundation will try to help them in emerging out their hidden talent in front of the others. NGO for handicapped in India matters a lot to such peoples because sometimes they lose their hope to live in this world due to their condition. That is why it becomes the duty of each and every individual that we should try to consider them equal like the others. We all will have to display our contribution for them especially with handicapped programs in India that are eventually organize to do something beneficial for such peoples.

Providing wheelchair for them or managing essential items according to their needs will be a great social work to do especially for those who are in a desperate need. Generating some healthcare facilities is another work that has been added to our list. We can do various things for them like promoting in various sports programs just because we see these handicapped peoples are making the whole nation proud and are participating in world level tournaments.

Only they can understand the pain behind their disability. What we can do from our side is just an attempt. And the attempt will be a mixture of our team’s hard work and your support. Our candidates will try to deliver their best efforts and you will be there for us supporting financially.


It is not a matter of a whole month salary or some costly expenses, even a small donation will be very much helpful for us to serve facilities for them. Try to become a member of Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust to do something from your side for such handicapped peoples.