Old Age Home Programs - Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust

In this mad rush of the 21st century, there come many cases in which elders of the house are neglected or ignored by the family members. They do not provide them a level of respect for what they deserve. As a result, many of them are forced to move out from the house. In order to get a shelter and living a peaceful yet satisfied life, they manage themselves to take help from old age homes. In today’s time, there is a great significance of places like old age homes and due to this reason, many old age home programs in india have been started. However, the government of India has passed a national policy for senior citizens for their welfare but still different types of NGO’s have been originated for old age home programs out of which Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust is one of them.

A roof over such peoples is mandatory and we do not talk only about sick, destitute or those elders who are abandoned by their family, we are also here to help those whose homes have been uprooted by disasters. Old age home can be identified as a place where these people take shelter and live the rest of their life without any hesitation. It is also a home that is away from your real home. By the help of this initiative and our old age home program, we want to empower senior citizens in living healthy and active lives.

A stat showed that approx 728 small and big old age homes are there in our country which are divided into different forms. Many of them are free, while some take up the charge, even some of them have both these facilities. There are some old age homes that have been exclusively made for women. Those who are serving their facilities to elder people for free eventually require a healthy amount of fund to maintain their daily expenses. From such points, one can understand why it is necessary to donate in old age home programs. Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust want to serve its facilities for such needy peoples. This is an NGO that supports old age home programs to the elder class society.

Advantages Of Old Age Homes

India has a joint family system for so many years where all the members of the family live together with love. But sometimes it looks surprising when some foolish peoples push the senior citizens of their house to almost roads and being completely helpless, they move towards a journey to search a home that promises peace, celebration, and joy of life. The search generally ends up with finding an old age home where they start another part of their life with some other peoples who don’t relate with them but can understand their emotions and pain because they have also faced such circumstances in their life. Soon they start sharing the rest of their life on the same boat with complete independence.

Riddhi Siddhi child education program has stood up to provide education for poor children and we are trying best from our side. We want to make a chain, an education chain where we need a help from all of you to be the part of it. It is the responsibility of each and every citizen living in this country that we should help them for their better life. We have appreciated an NGO education program in India but we cannot perform all these things alone, that’s why we and those poor children are looking for some generous persons like you to help them in providing education and making us one of India’s best child education NGO.

They want to be secure and need to live their life with dignity. Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust thinks about those elder belongings of our society. That is why we have promoted this NGO for old age home programs in india where we will try to put our best to help them financially in completing their requirements. At last, we only request you to be a part of our mission and try to donate some amount from your side to old age home programs so that it will bring a healthy help for the elder peoples for sure.