Even after so many years of independence, our country is suffering from some serious ills that are responsible for becoming barriers in its development. Human rights have become a major issue in our country as the population is gradually increasing day by day and poverty is kicking too many citizens. There is a lack of providing proper education to poor children. So many little and big things are there to mention in human rights. Every citizen has its own right and freedom to live in the country irrespective of its class, community, sex, citizenship, ethnicity, nationality, color and origin. But many peoples are there to discover who are lacking behind with such rights that are essential for them. For their justice, Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust has appeared as an NGO to help them in providing human rights. You can also make an involvement in our campaign to help different peoples of our country by a small contribution. We eventually don’t ask for a donation, we are here to ask for help, a help that can provide benefit to someone. We request you to be a part of our mission in order to make our country free from such issues.


Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust manages to organize blood donation camp time to time. One of the main mottoes behind this work is to save human lives and provide blood to those who are facing some health problems due to the shortage of blood in their body. Blood is simply the life of a person and we know we can’t live without an exact amount of blood. It is the foremost duty of each and every citizen who is legal enough that they should donate some part of their blood as this step can make a help to protect someone’s life. So many people are there in India who died just because they did not get blood at time. What would happen if such thing happens to us or with our closed ones! We wish this thing should not happen with anybody as each and every life is valuable. That is why we have decided to help those who are sacrificing with their life due to lack of blood. Our NGO want to send the best possible help to such peoples through our blood donation camp. At least try for once, it feels extremely good.


Our organization has stood up for those who are physically and mentally challenged by nature. Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust wants to help them as such kids can perform wonders if they get a chance to emerge out in front of others. We not only talk about giving a donation, instead, you can sponsor a meal for them. Well, this is the time do so something special for them because it is a matter of great worth. All you need to do is to connect with our NGO and let us unite together to perform something great for them. Let the world compare them equally like the other normal children. A small contribution from your side can be helpful for someone’s studies, can help mentally challenged children to get a training, you can add a shelter above their head, etc. This organization wants to serve in all those categories and much more to count. What we need from you is support. We want to provide them a chance to fly through the sky with our efforts. All you need to do is to support us in order to realize those peoples that they are someone special in this world.


One of the biggest problems that India is facing is lack of education among poor children. The ordinary thinking that arises in the mind of poor belongings is that they send their children to various places for work in order to earn money and fulfill the hungriness of their stomach at a very small age instead of sending them school to get an education. We can’t blame such families because sometimes they are hopeless due to lack of money, even so many parents are there who want to send their kids but are unable due to their financial problems. Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust worries about the future of all such kids as they are considered as the future of our country and what will happen if their future will be lost somewhere in darkness! That’s why we have started a campaign to provide quality education to poor children especially to those families who are unable to perform this task for their kids. We are helping them by providing all essential items that are generally required like uniform, study-related material and lots more. We also want you to be a part of our mission. Bring the best possible help from your side and we will manage such expenses in the education of such poor children for sure.


Fundamental rights can be understood by such rights in which a citizen can live in its country with complete harmony and peace. Some common and well-known fundamental rights in our country are right to equality, right against exploitation, right to freedom, right to constitutional remedies, cultural and educational rights, right to privacy and right to freedom of religion. Being an outstanding nation, many societies are still there to find that contains orthodox thinking in their mind. We have seen so many cases where a person gets unable to acquire all such rights that are granted to him by the constitution because some strong forces restrict him to do that. Lots of things are there to mention in countries like India regarding fundamental rights. A strong move by Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust has been appreciated to remove such type of dirt from our environment. We want to make this country free from such ills. We want that everyone in this country should get their fundamental rights and this is one of the main aim behind constructing this organization. If someone is sacrificing in getting their rights, it is our duty to help them and appreciate them because each and every person has the right to live freely in our country.


With such a large population, so many poor peoples, especially from the rural side, are there who gets unable to afford medicine related expenses as compared to the other belongings in India. Those people do not have sufficient funds to bring quality medicines to cure the disease. However, the government of India is doing strong efforts to fulfill the requirement of those, but only they can’t do everything to meet the challenges of our country, that is why Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust has decided to add something to contribute in this noble cause by managing to provide medicines and other healthcare products for such poor peoples. This is a great social work and not only we, it is the duty of all of us that we should make efforts to help them. Try to donate in our NGO so that we will manage to bring medicines for the treatment of those people. This step can even save someone’s life so think about it deeply and make a contribution with our NGO.


Our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi started a campaign “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” whose roots have been spread in all over the country. Even we are assuming change regarding cleanliness in our society. Taking inspiration from such movements, our NGO has decided that we will try to make the best possible efforts in making our nation more beautiful and clean. Along with that, Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust will try to plant different trees to protect our environment. We will also approach people in becoming a part of our campaign. All these small efforts will somehow produce a very positive effect in the upcoming time. From students to old aged peoples, everybody is taking a great care about the cleanliness of their society. We must not motivate such things that are responsible for affecting harm to our environment like usage of plastic bags. So try to avoid using all such things and use environment-friendly items. Be a part of Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust and let's unite together to make Clean India, Green India. We want to encourage people via our charitable trust so that they should get proper knowledge about the well-being of our environment.


By your help and support, we together can make efforts to end disease like AIDS. With the help of your donation, our country will get able to achieve three major goals like zero AIDS-related deaths, zero new HIV infections and zero stigma & discrimination. Thousands of people lost their life due to this dangerous disease. This is a significant loss to the society. Regular and timely treatment can end deaths related to AIDS. Our country has the third largest population of people having HIV in this world. Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust wants to put an end to such infections. We want to increase an awareness about the spread of such infections and basics of their prevention. Even people suffering from HIV often find it very difficult to live with their family members in the same house due to this cause. Be our partner so that we all should try to restrict all such deaths that are caused by HIV AIDS. This step will particularly create a very good impact and we will get able to provide treatment, support, and care for those who are living with HIV AIDS. By working together to achieve this objective, we can reach our goals faster.


Parents are considered as the life of a child. Without their shadow, our life looks like incomplete because they are considered as the two precious gems of our life whose presence makes us able to stand in front of the society. They hold our hands to support throughout the life. Even they are responsible enough to make our bright future. God has created them of utter importance, that is why they are so special to all of us. But still, there are many families in India where we see children do not obey their parents and they don’t even care about them. Such foolish peoples don’t understand the value of their parents and force them to leave their house. This is the reason why old age home is approached in India. This is the place where they get shelter and food along with other essential requirements to pass out the rest of their life. However, this thing should not happen to anybody but still, Riddhi Siddhi Welfare And Charitable Trust has managed to connect with different old age homes where we try to bring the best possible help for such parents. This is a help for them by our side and you can also be a part of our initiative. If you are able enough to contribute something for them, then try to donate in our NGO so that we will deliver your wishes to such parents who have been engaged in such old age homes.


Riddhi Siddhi Seva Samiti has encouraged various health-care initiatives in order to enhance the quality of life in our country. By the help of your donation, our NGO will get able to manage some medical camps for common people and will provide health care facilities to needy persons. As we mentioned before that there is a lack of health care facilities in different rural areas of our country, that is why we want to help those families who are finding no way to acquire healthcare facilities. According to our perspective, this is a very strong approach and you can add more stars in our work by contributing the best possible amount from your side. Heart-related problems, hypertension, arthritis, and asthma are some of the common diseases which are faced by the citizens of our country, especially with the elders. We want to serve our facilities to such peoples as well. Try to be a part of our mission as it contains nothing more than a social work and the best help to those who desperately need such kind of requirements. Donation from your side can be helpful for someone in performing their treatment, so move your feet towards our NGO and contribute for a good cause.


There is a great need to inspire people about the awareness of donating the organs in India. Riddhi Siddhi Seva Samiti wants to educate people about organ donation. Our organization wants you to help us in spreading consciousness about donating their organ because this can possibly help in saving someone’s life. With the help of our NGO, you can provide a support to patients and conduct some hospital programs to improve the rate of organ donation in India. Have you ever imagined that your eyes can provide a visibility to someone who has not discover the world yet by his own eyes! Or what if your kidney can provide a life to someone whose hopes have been damaged due to damage in their kidneys! This is one of the biggest help one can perform by its heart as we are trying to save someone’s life by our efforts. Try to donate your organs in the memory of your loved ones. It really feels good. Whenever you get a chance, try to create an awareness of organ donation among people so that more and more people will become an organ donor.


Education is such a word that so many unprivileged children find it almost impossible to afford due to poverty. There come many cases where a child is forced to drop out its studies and take up some odd jobs as a child labour to support the financial condition of their family. There is a major lack of skilled labour in the economy. Riddhi Siddhi Seva Samiti has raised its voice for such children by implementing an idea to provide them vocational education training that will surely fill the gap between unskilled and skilled labour and will create an impact to help people in getting better employment opportunities. There are different types of vocational education programmes which have been started by the government of our country. Not only government is responsible for all such things, it is our duty to help such types of programs to promote education among poor children. This thing is not only limited to children, we see a great lack of education in women category as well. With the help of donation’s money, we want to promote vocational education especially in such parts where we see nothing more than illiteracy. So, we request you to contribute with the best help from your side.